Damp proofing and insulating John and Marinas kitchen and shower room.

We have just bought our first flat after years of saving. It dates from c1910 and is a ground floor, 2 bed located in Newcastle, UK. We always knew there was work to do such as fitting a new boiler, filling holes in walls (mice infested!), dry rot, ceiling falling through from leaking shower above, and then a general redecoration and new bathroom suite and kitchen although the later are just cosmetic. However on removing the tiles, from the kitchen wall we hadn't taking into account the plaster would literally crumble being sodden with damp. The timber stud between the partition between the kitchen and bathroom is so damp again it just crumbles. There is also wood worm. 

We need to prevent both the damp rising up the wall and penetrating through the walls, and up through the floors. We will also need insulated plasterboard to reduce the temperature difference between the internal and external spaces to reduce condensation. All in all it will be expensive to say the least. We intend to do all the work ourselves and the cost will be for materials only.

We arnt hoping for miracles but just a little help with this unexpected discovery would be so appreciated!

Many thanks for taking the time to read this message!

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