Dream attic

The past 2 years have been the most humbling experience I have ever encountered. I have been a single mom for 15 years trying to work full time and then went to school part time. After a financial hardship I had to move in with my ex husband. While I appreciated his hospitality..all the reasons we got divorced resurfaced. This past March I began to look for a place to rent..until I realized home ownership was actually cheaper. My children and I spent every free moment looking at homes within a 30 mole radius..until I finally went out on my own when my realtor called me about a home in my desired neighborhood. While it was not my perfect dream home..the potential it hi olds makes my heart happy. The 2 bedroom bungalow has a basement where I hope is my son's temporary bedroom until I can convert the amazing walk up attic. We are handy people with handy friends to help..however the material costs are above my budget. Tomorrow is my closing on my home and I am looking forward to our new chapter in life. My goal is for this to be my forever home..something I can leave my children..a home I can have my mom move into when she needs to..a home my sister who lives in Phoenix can stay in

 I am grateful for the home I was able to afford and am hoping to complete my dream attic renovation. Thank you



Heidi Handtmann

Chicago, Illinois

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