Elbow Grease Required: Eric & Carly Renovate Their First Home

Eric and I are happy to share that we closed on our new home in Forest Lake, Minnesota, this past July. Our 116-year-old house is in desperate need of some love and attention sledgehammer-style. Though we are not yet a month into home ownership, we have been busy tearing down old wood paneling, ripping up stained carpet, patching holes, and cleaning out gutters (think HGTV-wannabes take on a century-old house that hasn't seen the business side of a hammer since the 1950's). We are currently camped out in the living room as we focus on the second-floor bedrooms and office so we are eager to get renovations underway.

We understand that gifts are a part of wedding tradition, however rather than crockpots and towels, we have been eyeing up nail guns, drywall, and lawn mowers lately. We have created this Feather The Nest account as a way for our family and friends to help us reach our renovation goals for our first home. We will keep everyone appraised of our progress room-by-room. 

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Carly and Eric


Carly Kreger

Forest Lake, Minnesota

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