Ellis & David's First Home

Two humans + one dog + one turtle + a 700 square foot apartment = our current living equasion in Downtown Raleigh.

We're so excited to get married and equally as ready to move into our first home that we can make our own! We're pretty cramped in the current situation with little to no room for any additional items, or personal space. That is why we feel it is important to put our efforts into securing our first home and add a little more wiggle room. We've been staying up on the market conditions in our area and continue to search for the perfect little house to start our married lives in. We want to ensure that everyone who attends our wedding realizes that we want you there to celebrate our special day with us first and foremost. If you'd like to provide a second gift besides your presence, please consider the gift of down payment assistance funds so you can aid in our dreams coming true! (And conserve what little space we currently occupy) However, if that doesn't seem like something you're into, we've created a classic wedding registry as well. You'll find that link on Amazon.com - within that registry are things we'd like to have when we move and a few things we may be able to conjure up some space for now. Either way, thanks for helping us celebrate and thanks in advance for all of the support you show us! We appreciate you! And don't worry, once we buy our first home, we'll have everyone over for an epic gathering! 




Ellis Weber

Raleigh, North Carolina

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