Finally a HOME for us!!!

Eddie and I are eloping (SHHHH its a SECRET) and what we would really LOVE and NEED is some help with our down payment on a home. We have been renting all our lives and really want a home of our own. We are currently renting a home built in the 1700s. Its full of love and charm but also full of black mold, spiders, and no air. We have found a perfect home for us and all our jakals. We are set to close in September but could really use some help. 

In lieu of buying us a traditional wedding gift from a registry, we would much rather you DONATE to our cause. This truely is the gift that we can USE and will APPRECIATE, plus you dont need a card or to wrap it!!! 

We love you all bunches and thank you for taking this journey with us! 


Sandy Hornady

Bolton, Connecticut

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