First home buying

We are looking to buy our first (and hopefully last) house. Our apartment roommate has told us recently that she is moving out when our lease is up in June and we need to find a place we will be content with for the rest of our lives. 

We are in the process of saving money for the deposit and planning on getting a mortgage loan but do not want to deplete our money dangerously low to be able to do this.

*Edit!* We have gotten a mortgage pre-approval and are working on saving even harder than before. His parents have decided to try and sabatoge our plans so we have a little bit bumpier path.


We know we also will need money for the actual process of moving

We have been together for ten years and have been engaged for a decent chunk of that, pushing off the official wedding until we are more on our feet and can actually enjoy it.



Emily Jenkins

Schaumburg, Illinois

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