First Home Dreaming

Hello everyone.

About us: We got married two years ago this May. We are hard working, unfortunately the covid pandemic & life has caused a few set backs.

I am currently working from home. My husband was injured (torn shoulder/4 broken ribs), and is currently on work comp doing the whole physical therapy thing. Anyways we have decided it has become essential to have a space of our own.


We are seeking a space that we can grow into, and entertain. As we love to cook, and have people over. Hopefully sometime soon we can have you all over for dinner and drinks. 

The good news: we were pre-approved for a mortgage. Yay! Now we are searching for the perfect home. What we are seeking is some help to come up with our down payment. Any help is much appreciated.

We love you all, and hope that everyone is healthy and happy in these trying times. Hopefully we can all get together soon.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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