First time home owners looking for help
My family and I got approved for a First time Home Owners Loan. After looking at so many houses and signing so many contracts, we were finally picked for a beautiful house that will be great for our family of 6. We did everything that was supposed to be done. We’ve sent the non refundable $3,000 earnest money, got the inspection scheduled, etc but was told that we didn’t get approved for the down payment assistance. We almost gave up until a great person in my life told me about this. I’m so thankful she gave me a little bit of hope and I’m asking our Community, family and friends for that same hope. We need to come up with the down payment before closing which is February 25th. We ended up getting a loan from 401k for 7,000 and now we are asking for gifts for that remaining balance. We are at our last step and just need that push. We would like to thank you all in advance and tell you that anything is more than appreciated. Please help our family’s dream of owning our first home come true. Thank you!


Tyshema Davis

Arizona City, AZ

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