Fixer Upper: KEIG Edition

Hey y'all! Colton and I have lived as adult humans for multiple years now and have accumulated many items (much of which you all have given to us)! After combining forces into an awesome 70s house South of Nashville, we realized we don't need anymore gifts to fill up our already full house! Instead we would love it if you all could help us rennovate our bungalo of love. Although our house is groovy baby, it needs some TLC. We would love your help rennovating three spaces in our house:

  1. Our master bathoom. We need to add a little space. Those of you who have visited our house know its a little tight in there. 

  2. Our kitchen cabinets. They hold dishes and food, but they are falling apart and smell weird. 

  3. Our fireplace. It is not up to code and I think that means we go to jail. 

Please let us know if you have questions! Any amount helps turn this house into a home!

  • xoxo Colton and Alisha  


Alisha Woodson

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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