From Coconut Palm Trees to Cowboy Boots and Saddles

Mi casa, su casa! Well, that's what Southern Hospitality is all about right?...and if you mix that with a little Pina Colada the experience is even better! I know the EXACT spot you could be zipping that refreshing drink on a HOT and SUNNY Texas Summer day: OUR BACKYARD!!! We are reaching you today because WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT on our BACKYARD OASIS PROJECT. We just bought our first property in Texas, a small, cozy and quaint Ranch style house. But you should be wondering, who are they? where do they come from, what do they do and how are they contributing to the lovely state of Texas? Well...long story short: We are a young and hardworking couple from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico who decided to pack up and chase new horizons. Since DAY 1 our days have been full of nothing but blessings. The Lone Star state welcomed us with arms wide open and we had no other choice than just surrender :) I am lucky to be a Bilingual Elementary Teacher and my husband works a Full Time job and decided to jump back on the College Train again to get a degree on Construction Management Technology. We are extremely busy the majority of the time but are grateful for it.

As part of the house buying process, we had to make a downpayment which made our savings look like they went on a "AIR" based diet LOL. The house is in great condition but we still have to make some repairs and jazz things up a little bit. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT on one those projects. We've always wanted a backyard since for the last 12 years of my life I've been hoping from apartment to apartment and my husband was BORN and RAISED on a 10th floor. We are THRILLED about the fact that WE ARE FINALLY HAVING OUTDOOR SPACE! Yayyyy!! Therefore, we would LOVE to revamp it to make it a little more inviting. That way you can join us for BBQS, gatherings and build memories together. We are reaching you today because we have a goal of making $6,000 in 60 days!!! WOW! That's $100 per day dor 60 days in a row, but I AM CONVINCED that YOUR HELP will make us reach our goals! From $1 to whatever your pocket could donate to our special project is great. ALL DONATIONS ARE BIG FOR US!

There are many ways you can support our BACKYARD OASIS PROJECT: Share this and spread the word!



Karla Medina

Saginaw, Texas

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