Grace and Dustin - Together At Last

9 years, 3 moves, and two degrees later, here we are. Grace Salzer and Dustin Hill have finally gone and gotten hitched!

Dustin and Grace were married on July 9, 2014 in Raleigh, NC. The couple first met in the summer of 2005, and although they fell in love in the mountains of Asheville, for the past year they have been making a new life together in Raleigh. Grace works as a defense attorney for a small law firm in town and Dustin provides tech support for the Social Security Administration. They have two cats (Buddy and Kitty) and a dog named Whisky.

The couple has been dreaming of their own home for some time now. A kitchen with plenty of counter-space for Dustin to prep food on. A yard with enough room for Grace to grow flowers and vegetables. A living room to big enough to entertain friends and family. More than a set of wedding china or an expensive kitchen appliance, Grace and Dustin would like to make their move to Raleigh permanent and begin setting down roots. Any help that could be given to make this wish come true would be truly appreciated!

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