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Hello my name is Ryan Donahue and I am in need of some financial help! Recently I became I united states veteran and became unemployed. I live in a college apartment with three roomates and I am using the money I have to buy food and pay for my rent.  my home is a small apartment with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and three single rooms. I would like to make upgrades to my apartment although I do not have any capitol behind me and my debt is growing in vast numbers. if I were to be funded I would use the money to buy myself some kitchen appliances like pots and pans so I can continue my passion for cooking. I would also like to be able to own a small fan and or purchase an air conditioner.  if you were to help me with my home improvement I would like to buy a desk for my studies and or business engagements due to the fact I normally work from home. I am in need of some serious financial help and im simply asking from one human being to another for a small donation of $20 every little bit counts.  im desperate for your support and would like to raise $800 so I can fund my project. thank you for your time and looking forward to the future because even tho I am not were I want to be financially at the moment I will get there one day. Mahalo.

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