Help Build a Loving Home for Kassandra & Jordan

Kassandra and Jordan have been together for almost two years now. They have started their journey together a little different than most. Kassandra comes into the relationship with her 8 year old daughter Claire. Kassandra had begun the process of planting her roots close to her family by recently purchasing property to build a dream home. Jordan has been involved with this process from the start. He brings a lot to the table considering her works in construction. They already have the house in the works, concrete has been poured and the foundation has been built. Not long after starting their further home and getting engaged; Kassandra and Jordan found out they were going to have TWINS! What a surprise that was! Not one but TWO new members to the family! Of course there were excited about it, but also uncertain of things to come. Fastforward and now they have Claire and TWO new additions Cora and Conner. Having two newborns and building a house IS DIFFICULT. In their current situation it is hard to save money to cover the cost of framing the home. Especially with all the expence of TWO newborns and not to mention daycare costs these days. That is why they have decided that instead of receiving gifts and things that fill a home, they would like donations toward finishing their home. Please join us in trying to give Kassandra and Jordan a jumpstart toward building a happy home and life together!


Kesia Westbrook

Atlanta, Georgia

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