Help Esther and Elijah get their New home as a married couple!

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this. Elijah and I aren't comfortable taking this route for help, but after a lot of research enough to make my head explode, we decided to go ahead and trust that God will make a way as he always does. Ever since I could remember, I've always wanted a home with a dining room table where dinner could be had as a family. I grew up never having a room of my own, but still blessed because it was a roof over my head with two of my brothers. Elijah has always wanted a house to where his daughter could have the joy of having her own room, and be in peace. She is 12 now, and as she gets older, the need for a room of her own is important. We are here asking for help humbly from our friend's and family, to get a home where can be prepared for the blessings coming our way, the blessings that God has for us. We know that Times are hard, but if you can take one minute, seek God's face, listen to your heart, and give from there, you will be blessed beyond your understanding. As Elijah and I take this step into holy matrimony, we ask our fellow newlyweds and married couples, and those who may not even be there yet, please help us in this journey to get a home of our own. We won't forget your generosity, and hope to have you all be a part of our New beginnings, and house warning even we get it. Thank you all again, be blessed in Jesus name. Amen. We love you all.

Elijah & Esther


Esther Anyanwu

Lexington, Kentucky

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