Help me buy a piece of (land) in Detroit for my birthday

I have always liked to create. I am an artist, I am very random, I also love to get good bargains. I have been looking at real estate in Detroit for quite sometime. It has always been my philosophy to seek out the most odd and interesting and investigate. As my 31st birthday creeps up, I have been listening to lots of trance music and stalking out two properties in Detroit. As I write this posting one of them has come off the market already. It was a great deal, and I knew it would go fast. It was also a little on the pricier cheap side, so with that, I decided to go for it and open a Feather the Nest account.

There is one property left that is a small piece of land in a hip part of town that is near a huge graveyard and scrap metal place. I would like to acquire the property to build a tiny home. I have been thinking about this for a while. I even bought in hopes that I will get to live the dream of having a small piece of Detroit. Please help me out and in return, I will ship you a random item from my ebay store as a sign of thanks. Please feel free to email me with questions.


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