Help Rebuild Our Nest!!!

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Help Rebuild Our Nest!!!

We had our money we were SO CLOSE to closing then everything fell apart. 

5 days before closing our credit dropped due to a medical bill going unpaid and we had no choice but to get a credit card ($200) in order to rebuild. 

A week later we got a civil summons for a $500 medical bill which had to be paid immediately or the house could not be bought. 

Days later BOTH cars broke down and we had to spend $150 to get one fixed...the other was scrapped...we now have one car. 

A week later our house was broken into and although most was recovered, some weren't and we had to pay out $100 to replace these things.

(Edited) As of now, BOTH cars are down and what's worse is if we try to pull out of the deal, it's not without consequences. We may have to pay legal fees, the seller's 'damages' for losing out on a potential buyer, we have to pay the realtor for her this point it's not about wanting the house, I just don't wanna walk away with no car, no home, and thousands in debt!