Help the Cassidy-Hyre Family secure their Forever Home

What happens when you’re still living through a pandemic while dealing with severe health problems and trying to raise all your special needs kids in virtual school? You find out you have to move!

Our family friends have been dealing with a lot this year! Last year, the Mom was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that affects all the connective tissue and organs in her body. This has made her extremely ill and she now requires the use of a wheelchair. As if that weren't bad enough, the condition also led to her being bedridden for the last 4 months from a CSF leak that will require additional major surgery on top of the ones that were already scheduled. Several of the five children (who still reside at home) also suffer from disabilities that range from mild to severe and have special requirements and needs of their own, especially their profoundly Autistic daughter. Most members of the family already were at high risk of COVID complications from the many medical conditions they have, so you can imagine the fear of being without shelter and all that goes with it.

The family has thankfully been pre-approved for a home loan, but with a deadline of less than 60 days to move, the family doesn't have much time to save for all the costs associated with moving. Unfortunately, COVID programs in the state do not cover the needs of renters who are displaced due to an owner selling the property. Because their needs are already so very unique and financially demanding, and the Dad is employed in contract work with no paid time off, we really want to help our friends! In comes you!

This amazing family is in dire need of assistance to help w/ professional packing assistance, emergency moving costs, appliances for the new home, critical ADA modifications, loss of pay for signing and moving days, and temporary storage/lodging funds as they wait to close on a home purchase. Homes are also extremely limited in their area, but because of the declining condition of Mom, they are unable to relocate far from their current location. This means that coming up with the necessary additional funds for Earnest money will also be an extreme challenge with so little time to save.

We realize that many families are in desperate times, but this family has suffered so much already that helping them secure a forever home will benefit them for many years to come and prevent anyone from ever telling them again, "We're selling, you have to move."

If you can't help financially, please consider sharing because that will help just as much. Remember, it takes a village and this family needs one now. Much love.


Bree Cassidy-Hyre

Seattle, Washington

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