Home for Mercy
Hi y'all! My young family is looking to buy our first home here in Westworth Village Texas! My husband is a Computer Technician , and I am receptionist at a senior living facility . We have a 6 year old daughter (Mercy) and a 3 year old son (Cain), we are looking to find a permanent home where our little ones can grow up. The current market is very against renters becoming home owners and with inflation, the down payment is proving nearly impossible. I began researching our options and came across Feather the Nest!

My husband and I moved here from Florida, and fell in love with the community, the Schools and the people. We desperately want to raise our family in such a diverse and safe city. Our daughter has made so many friends at her amazing elementary school it would break her little heart to leave.
Thank you for reading and for your consideration! I am available to answer any questions you may have, and really appreciate you.


Cassandra Estok

Fort Worth, TX

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