Home for my family
Hello thank you for reading and helping however you can to help make our dreams come true. It is so hard to ask for any help especially financially. I would be glad to repay this money when I can to anyone that can help. I am do excited I can finally say I am a teacher, we have 2 kids as some may know. Trying to save for a down payment is so very hard, id like to say in just the current economy but really the economy I moved into as an adult and starting my family so young. I have worked very hard to move my family in a positive direction. I worked full time and sometimes that meant more than 50 hours a week as a cosmetologist while I went back to school and finished my bachelors degree with honors to become a teacher. I now have a wonderful teaching job in a wonderful community in Texas. Where I get to help build this community up and be apart of something much larger than myself. I am able to be a bigger part of my family’s life and be present with them since I have completed my studies. The impact that the students and this community is making on our lives every day is amazing and I can only hope that we are doing so in return. It has been amazing to see and be apart of, when we moved to Texas I wasn’t sure the plan here GOD had for us but now it is clearer than ever that we are where we are meant to be and this community is where we are supposed to grow and create a home that we have never truly had before. A home in this community has presented itself to us. This home is perfect for our family it is a modest house with a little space of its own. A very reasonable price with so much potential. I currently commute 50miles one way to this job with my kids each day. I need 3,500 toward the down payment to make this dream a reality. As some may know for years we have been living in our travel trailer to manage the costs of life. I long to give my kids a home with a space to be kids, a yard to play or hang out in, a place to have a Christmas tree inside their home. Its little things like this that we are missing. Thank you again for reading and helping if you can. From the bottom of our hearts thank you and God Bless you.


Casey Mccaffery

Rochelle, TX

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