Home Renovations

For the past year and a half, christina and I have had many plans to renovate our home, not only for our own living benefit, but to help our resale value when the same comes to sale. We have plans, within the next 1 to 2 years to move. But we have a few unfinished projects that came to a halt because of a lack of funds. The holidays and other unexpected expenses caused this, making it nearly impossible to pay for these projects or even save for them. Just a few examples of our plans include: 

- wood flooring 

- small kitchen upgrades 

- backyard sod and garden 

- cement staining 

- completion of our back patio

After the military, I wanted to move to the San Antonio area or austin area to be closer to family. But work brought me here to houston 3 years ago. My family and I are more than ready to begin the next chapter of our lives somewhere else. But we can't turn that page till these unfinished projects are completed. Any little bit helps. Thank you. 


Isaac Mendiola

Richmond, Texas

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