Hot Tub Parties need a working hot tub...

To the folks in our lives who do know about the situation, hello! Thanks for coming to the site! Hope you donate!

To those who do not know about us: Hi! We're Mikey and Holly and we live in a house that is in a perpetual state of improvement. We moved in last year to this wonderful home that used to be his mothers and have been working on the house ever since. From Frankenstein style patchwork hidden under 50 years of wallpaper to hidden HOLES under the kitchen floor to painting of every room, we have been up to our noses in home improvement.

We were planning on working on the hot tub next as our major buy, since the 30 year old machine needs a new heater and pump, new water and a deep professional cleaning. However, our dogs have figured out places in the backyard fence that have dry rot and we have had to table the hot tub for the 5th time. We know our friends. We are part of rambunctious communities of gamers, burlesquers, freaks, geeks, theater nerds, and all out artistic and creative folk, and the hot tub parties have been something people have been looking forward to for just under a year.

In order to help curtail how long this postponement is (looking at end of Summer/early Fall), we are asking our dear friends to help us get to our goal of $1,000 so we can get the hot tub and parties up and running. If we don't get to our goal, that's fine: any donation brings down the amount of time that we will be having to postpone! If we get to our goal, BAM: fixed hot tub. Then gaming and infamous hot tub parties, along with movies and fun times!

The only thing we can offer those who donate is access to any parties (if we know you, of course), as well as a plaque near the hot tub thanking you for your help in saving the parties (yes, even Anonymous #1-7 will be mentioned).




Holly Irons

Renton, Washington

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