House Repairs and upgrades

After graduatin with my nursing degree and moving in with the love of my life, I felt that I finally had it all and more. But when the dream ended and my children and I were thrown out with no where to go. After finally finding a temporary home with my amazing sister, I had to sit down and re-evaluate my life. I decided to work the hardest i possibly could at the hospital and go back to school for my bachelors degree. Now because of my gracious sister and brother in law I have been staying with them for a year. Now a year later I am in the process buying my own home. Though this is an exciting time for me and my children, it is also a very scary time since I have nothing to take with me to our new home. But I also know that I have many people who I know I can count on. This is time where I will put my pride for not asking for help aside. Today I am asking for donations to help us get our small piece of happiness moving in the right direction. 

We love all of you. 


Randi Jurgensen

Denver, Colorado

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