It's the little things
This was to be our forever home. However, it isn't even our right now home. The air conditioner began leaking water into the carpet, under walls and floor even when off. The humidity in the air has been moisturizing our walls. The lack of insulation in the attic that was missed by our inspector has caused the house to overheat during the summer. The false wall in the garage conversion lets the bugs under it. Our savings is depleted and it still isn't right. All in all it has become the water and bug filled sauna and we need to leave. No one wants it and we can't afford a new down payment.
Need to move into a home that will allow me to care for myself (chronic pain amongst a list of ailments), my husband (cancer survivor) and my daughter (adult disable) without the horrendous extra things we are currently living with.
Just want a happy safe space.



Williamsburg, VA

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