Jan & Chantal’s House of Magic
Jan and Chantal married at the start of the COVID pandemic, which meant a courthouse wedding with two witnesses. We dreamt of a wedding celebration with friends and family…but we have found an alternative!

We have fallen in love with a magical historic home surrounded by 16 acres in rural North Carolina. We have grand future plans for our first home, starting with an outdoor wedding at the pond to celebrate love and magic.

The best wedding present we can ask for is a gift towards the down payment on this dream house. The asking price is $375,000 with a 20% down payment. It is located in Yanceyville, NC, was built in 1941, and is as eccentric as we are. We have put an offer on the house as of today and are in negotiations!

We will create a magical home with a menagerie of animals, a forest of paths, and a safe space for those who need a rest from life.


Jan Mallory Tate

Yanceyville, NC

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