Jana and Antonio's Musical Love Nest

Jana and Antonio's Musical Love Nest (a home for our future full of laughter, keyboards, dogs, and Love)

We are beyond excited to be starting our future together and want a special place to call our own. A home to grow a family, create music, share love and find joy in the everyday. 

Antonio needs a kitchen to become a master chef....we promise to have you over for dinner, and I would like to have a corner of my own to relax with a glass of wine...I'll save a little for you too. We also plan to have a space where music can be created and enjoyed by all. Someday there might even be a little Mr. and/or Miss Exposito, and they need space to sing, dance and learn. Roxy (our dog) is excited to have her very own fenced in yard to run and play.

 Our dream is to have a home where all are welcome to eat, drink, sing, dance, laugh, play and love. 


Jana Lugar

Orlando, Florida

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