Journey To A Better Life

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Journey To A Better Life

BGood Homestead is a family of 4 (disabled veteran, wife w/ disabilities, 2 kiddos) who had a small homestead (completely paid for after 15 months) in their hometown and were living a self-sufficient lifestyle in 2013.

In 2015 they lost their home, their homestead, and everything it.
They were fortunate to get a spot in a homeless shelter for disabled veterans and their families in a city 40 miles away, but the "rent" was high and they had to go on Food Stamps and Medicaid to make ends meet.

In 2016 they luckily got a Section 8 Housing Choice voucher and moved to the first home available to them after 2 months of looking: a trailer in a small village 75 miles away.
Things were a little rough - they were still on government assistance and the rent was still high (and kept going up as income increased while food stamp benefits went down) and they can't save up money, but they were making it work.

Now, their rented home is falling apart and their landlord is not making repairs or even paying taxes.
Section 8 Housing will not approve for 2019 with a $10k+ tax lien on the property, no working furnace, and needed repairs not being made.

BGH is ready to move south where the cost of rent (or a mortgage payment) is cheaper than what they are currently paying.

Their hope is to move someplace warmer and much cheaper where they can get off of all government assistance and rebuild their homesteading, self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle.


Follow their journey on or on Twitter @BGoodHomestead.