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I am looking to buy my first house. I just got a great new job which pays 60-100K a year, a real living wage. I am so happy to finally try and make something of my life. I want to get engaged and settle down with my boyfriend, but first we need a house to call our own.

Looking for that perfect small cottage for a new couple. I have attached a picture of the kind of small cottage we are looking for.

I will do anything to make this happen.  The problem is I just started my new job, and do not have long enough employment history to qualify for a bank loan.  So I am trying all the possibilities.  I am not going to be relying on this website to make it happen.  But every dollar counts.  I am not above asking for kindness from strangers, as I like to show kindness to strangers myself.  If you would like to help this new young couple to get their first house, you will have my gratitude.


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