Kitchen Remodel


We are so incredibly blessed to be able to spend our wedding day with all of our family and friends; your presence is truly the only gift we need! However, if you do desire to give us a gift to celebrate, we've created a registry that will help us create the house of our dreams!

David and I have moved into a beautiful old farmhouse at the winery. The house has plenty of unique charm developed over its 121 year history, but unfortunately a few of the appliances and fixtures have fallen behind. While it's certainly entertaining watching the oven decide to self-clean itself without prompting, sometimes that does get in the way of making dinner!

For the kitchen we are in need of brand new countertops and new appliances and would like to tackle this project in the coming year. If you are considering a gift to help with the remodel, here are a few estimates of the costs of the major changes:

Give 1 sq ft. of granite with a $60 gift

Give 1/15th of a new refrigerator with a $100 gift

Give 1/15th of a new gas range with a $50 gift

Give 1/15th of a new sink with a $40 gift


Alternatively, if you paypal, skip the processing fee and donate to this nest with the "friends and family" option using



We can't wait until Sept to celebrate with you all!


David & Kayti


Kayti Schumann

Culpeper, Virginia

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