Lateefah & Reggie Make a House a Home

We are tying the knot! Yup, getting married! We feel blessed to share this moment in our lives together with many of you personally at our upcoming wedding in March. We have decided to take a different approach to the typical wedding registry, as we both agree that as far as basic household items go, we have a pretty good amount of "stuff".

We have opened this account with Feather the Nest to help get us started with owning our very first home together! We both dream of having a modest, beautiful house with tons of character and a nice yard for barbecues, tons of friend and family gatherings, star-gazing, quiet outdoor meals, catching up with loved ones, and of course, outdoor yoga! This is not just a house.  This is will be a home that our children will come to on their breaks from college, where we will celebrate their weddings and births of their children; where we will play with our grandchildren and where we will grow old together and truly enjoy our the rest of our lives.

Any amount is appreciated. This account is for those attending the wedding as an alternative registry, those hanging with us after the wedding, those who may not have the time to attend or just simply for those who would like to wish us peace and prosperity for our engagement and our lives together.

So please join us in this joyous occasion as we celebrate our blessed union and love. Our heartfelt and sincere thanks to each and everyone of you. We look forward to celebrating our first home with all of you at our housewarming with good food, margaritas and laughter!!!

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