Long Overdue Bathroom Remodel

We need to completely gut our second bathroom and start from scratch. The floor is in disrepair with the possibility of falling in. We are in dire need of a new water heater. Our old one has been leaking for several months and has most likely contributed to the state of the floor. The bathtub is as old as the house itself. I was having to turn the hot water on and off with a pair of pliers. The hot water knob on the bathtub broke and the entire shower had to be capped off. At this moment, the sink and the toilet are the only useable items in the bathroom. For the past two or three months, I've had to take a shower in the main bathroom which my parents also use. The pull down menu for city only gave four options. Auburn, Kentucky is the closest one to where we are located in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. It is 1 hour and 26 minutes away.


Roxanne Boyd

Auburn, Kentucky

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