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This is Max & Rachael Brady - newlyweds with a lofty goal. We're buying a house! Not just any house, but the house of of our (many, many) dreams. We found this beautiful, yet terribly ugly, house that we just could not resist. This structure has so much potentional and we just envisoned ourselves growing old together in what would be our first home as a married couple. This isn't just a wise investment, but rather the place where will raise our children, the place where we will share drinks on the patio and talk about the weather. We found the partner of of our dreams, now is your chance to help us obtain the house of our dreams. Our asking price is small, as this house need a lot of work, that we are going to do ourselves. We apologize for never having thanked everyone who came to our wedding, however we are choosing to do so at the six month mark in the form of our first ever holiday christmas cards, as a family. We are praying so hard for this home, and would really appreciate the support you can offer, even if it's small. The reason we are asking, is not because we can't come up with the money ourselves, but rather the longer we wait until we have it, the longer the house will sit and potentially gain another interested buyer. Currently, we are the only interested buyers, but it has sat on the market for nearly a year now. The house needs a lot of work, and if it continues to remain unoccupied, it could fall into further disrepair. We have the rare opportunity to buy this house at an amazing price (below fair market value) in an up and coming neighborhood. Houses on the market in that area that are fixed, sell for nearly double ours and are only on the market a matter of days. Please help us! We will would love for you to be our guest! 


Rachael & Max Brady

Cleveland, Ohio

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