Safe and quiet first home to help my fiancé heal!
Hello everyone! My fiancé and I have been trying to get our first home for four years now. Every time we get close to being able to get one; Life unfortunately happens. A little background on us: My name is William; Call me Bill. I am 31 years old and I moved to Kentucky 6 years ago. I didn’t know a single person here when I moved here! I have had more struggles in my life than the normal person, but I still try and go each and everyday with a positive attitude and try to make the best out of each day. Lauren is my fiancé. She is 33 years old and she’s a little bit autistic and has adhd. We actually both lived in the same town in New Jersey all our lives until we moved here. She has lived here, going 4 years! Lauren has had many struggles in her life as well. She dealt with physical and emotional abuse by her parents through her whole childhood until she was an adult. They still emotionally abuse her all the time. Her Ex boyfriend was a real and horrible narcissist. Between her ex boyfriend and her parents; she has trauma to last her a lifetime. Ever since we started talking; I just wanted to give her the life she deserves. A happy, stress free, loving, caring, and a place that she feels safe and able to heal. In the last few years she has healed up quite a bit, but from all that abuse all those years, it will take a while to heal.

Anyways, we have been trying to buy a home for a few years now. Our bid was accepted and everything, but Lauren had car issues and it wiped out our savings. Then covid hit, we couldn’t save a penny throughout it. Since then, we would save up and then it would keep getting wiped out. From emergencies with our animals, Lauren’s hospital trip, and then my trucks mechanic bill was $4,000 and after I left the shop the same problem started again.. so I wound up having to get a new vehicle! Then, I lost my job! It literally has been one thing after another. We are barely saving now. It’s been so stressful. We live in an apartment now, but it is way too loud for Lauren because of her mental health issues. I want to buy her a house, hopefully with property! She needs a safe and quiet place for her to heal. I love her and I want her to have the happy, loving, and safe life she deserves!!!

We would appreciate any help!!

Thank you


William Veight

Lexington, KY

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