Mary & Tom's Nest.

We are saving up for a down payment on our first home. The prospect of having our own place preferably outside the center of the city in a lovely neighborhood with the opportunity for a quality education for Rowan is exciting for us! It won't happen overnight and we are optimistic that as a family it will indeed be a dream come true. We are thinking eventually a 3-4 bedroom place with a garage and/or basement with a backyard yard that has two trees to tie a hammock. Mary will paint here and Tom will design and build projects and Rowan can play and invite friends over if he wants.

We are very fortunate to have most all the basic amenities that we need which is why we we prompted to "open up our nest feathering" on this website as a registry option.  Thanks so much for you consideration and for entertaining the option of lending a feather!


Mary Cosh

New York, New York

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