Mckinney Family Home - Big eyes, little pockets.

Help us make our dream come true by assisting us with our down payment and closing-costs!

We all know how difficult it is to rent a place to live. It feels like no matter how much money you have put into it, you never get anywhere. It becomes too expensive and you end up having to move. The kids have to say goodbye to their friends, and move to a new school, and try to adjust to life in a new place. We've all been through it and know how hard it can be. Our goal is to give our family something we didn't have growing up; a stable perminant place to grow and thrive. We don't want to have to move over and over again. I want to teach my children that you can get somewhere in life if you really try. I want to teach them that there are good people out there, that the world isn't just full of selfish people who only care about themselves. Our dream is to be able to have our own place where we can teach our children the value of hard work. I want to build a garden and teach them how to grow their own food.



Crescent City, California

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