Megan & Casey's "Home in the Heart of the Country"

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for visiting our registry! It is has been a dream of ours to have a house in the "heart of the country." We have been saving for a down payment, and our hope is that with your generosity we can move forward in making this a reality.

We hope to see you all for our Happily Ever After celebration!! If for some reason you cannot make it, rest assured you will have a place to hang your hat and rest your head, when you are in our neck of the woods.    


On the thirtieth of August in twenty-fourteen, we disappeared from the humdrum---to elope.

Family friends generously welcomed us in to their beautiful home,

Deep in the lush, rolling hills of Wisconsin’s driftless area.

Wild flowers sprung from the earth’s floor and the view left us in awe of nature’s splendor.

The two of us, dressed in our Sunday’s best, privately took our vows.


We look forward to celebrating wih family and friends!


Thank you,

Megan and Casey

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