Michael's little slice of Paradise

Over the next 12 days I am trying to raise the funds to buy a small mobile home in Paradise California. Due to my recent hospital stays and the complications from them I can no longer stay in Berry Creek due to the long distance to a hospital and it being a secluded area with little  or no support services such as doctors offices, shopping and things that most people have acess to on a daily basis. During my last hospital stay the doctors have asked the state to withdraw my drivers lisence due to strokes and seisures while driving, and the state has in fact taken my drivers liscence and it can be renewed if I am stroke and seisure free for at least a year and two doctors agfree that I don't pose a risk to the public.So since the last hospital stay I have been staying with friends of mine in Oroville (Ed and Debbie Clawson).  The mobiole home I am looking to buy is  a 1973 Skyline Homett 12x56 Featuring 2 bedrooms and one bath, living area and eat in kitchen. it is in a small park on the Skyway in Paradise owned by private owners who are very proactive in helping people overcome obsticles in their path. The Butte County Tax office lists the value of the home at 15,500 and an appraisal on the property list it as it is for 18,000.00 The price I am to pay is 7500.00 for free and clear title to the home and lot rtent of 350.00 a month plus 35 a month for water and trash for a total of 385.00. Which is workable for me with my disability payment of 757 a month. however I do not have the 7500 needed to buy it due to only getting 757 a month there is no savings left to use and most banks or mortage lenders will not do mobile homes in parks. I want to see how many friends and family will help me make this become a reality for me. Paradise California has a hospital less then a mile away, several shopping areas with major stores like Walmart and Kmart, they have doctors two of which I already see. The town is elderly friendly with lots of services


Michael Gates

Paradise, California

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