Rent Payment Assistence- Money To Help Pay Month To Month Rent

<Hello Supporters

My name is sam frazer .

My wife and i have worked in  the aerospace industry for years and now

the aerospace industry have down sized which means less hours to work for us all

Our   month to month apartment rent   have gone up to $1500.00 effective immediately,

so we are asking supporters to donate to raise this $1500.00 rent proceed until we are

able to  find other work to fill this need

We want to thank all suporters for your contribution because it will make a big difference

in our lives and we encourage everyone who donate to share our campaign with others

We will keep supporters updated about the progress of our campaign and how close  we

are to the target

We hope to return the favour at some future date  

thanks very much in advance for your consideration

sam frazer>


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