Moniques’ Water Damaged Dream Home

After finally becoming financially independent and getting the courage to leave a toxic relationshi, I saved enough money to sell my townhouse and finally move in to a single family house that my daughter has always wanted and deserve. It is everything she has dreamed of!

The problem is the basement floods everytime it rains! Unfortunately, the waterproofing company the previous homeowner hired to fix the water leak issue refuses to fix it and denies that they were hired to find the water entry points and just a rotten door frame and gap under the door. So im currently in the process of sueing them but due to covid, the case is still pending 5 months later as it's another a seri criminal case.

My dream home for my daughter has become a nightmare. We can't go downstairs statues because of the mold and the musty smells. I put every thing into buying the house and replacing the previous floor. I cannot afford to replace it again as well as pay to have it properly waterproofed and installs drench drains to prevent future leaks. It would mean everything to my daughter to finally have her space to play and have fun with friends and family  


Monique Murphy

Atlanta, Georgia

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