Michael and Rachel's Future Home

We wanted first of all to thank you for all of your love and support. Our family and friends mean so much to us and that is part of the spirit behind this request. As we move forward into this next stage of our lives, we decided to take a moment to reflect on what is important to us.  One of our favourite activities is to entertain and play host to our friends, and we decided that what we dreamed of more than anything was a place of our own in which to do so.

In terms of places to settle down, there wasn't really much question. Both of us were born and raised in Houston, and it's a place we've loved our entire lives. This is where both of our families are concentrated, and the support of our relatives has been vital to both of our upbringings. It only makes sense to stay around as we turn those two families into one.

Houston has also been where we've met most of you, our friends. Many of you are our extended families. We love Houston, and we love all of you, and we've made the easy decision to make Houston our permanent home. All we need is a permanent home so we can remain firmly planted in a city we enjoy wih the people we love.

We would really appreciate the help of all of our loved ones to make our dream a reality. It's not going to happen overnight, but hopefully with your contributions it won't be long at all before we can invite you over to our new home for a drink.


Rachel Stevens

Houston, Texas

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