My first home - and a place for senior rescue dogs to relax

My ex husband and I spend our entire 13 year marriage rescuing dogs and cats from bad situations and giving them a life filled with love and comfort. We divorced two years ago, and I was fortunate enough to keep Joey, our 9 year old black lab rehabilitated from a hoarder/abuse situation. Because our connection and love for each other was so strong, my ex Michael and I remarried last September, with Joey right there beside us 

With the restart of our marriage, Michael and I decided to move to North Carolina to just get a fresh start away the familiar influences both good and bad. Well, we found a house - and at 45 years old, it will be my first home purchase. We decided that we wanted to ensure we had a decent amount of land, too, because we want to make certain that Joey is surrounded by senior and special needs rescue dogs. Every dog deserves a home filled with love and warmth - and we want to be able to provide that. 


Can you help us make "Joey's Home" a reality, and help me purchase our first home? 


Monica Ann

Charlotte, North Carolina

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