Need to refi out of this  horrible 9% interest underwater mortgage

I have had this terrible 9% interest adjustable mortgage since 2006. We were supposed to be able to refi out of this in 6 months but the housing crisis happened and I have been kinda stuck.  I applied for a loan modification as recent as last week but was denied by my bank for the third time. The only thing I can do now is to bring a downpayment on to the principal enough to refi way out of the loan and get a new one. I am 65 and need to do this before I retire. I need to get the monthly note down as I will not be able to keep up the high monthly note after that. I have researched this thoroughly and it is either come up with the money or leave my home. Any assistance I could get would be appreciated. I really would like to stay in my home.


Lynne Jackson

Sacramento, California

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