New Cusotm Home

So... I have been working a flip houses,a new construction and its time to take it to the next level.    I have decided to use my creative juices and design and build custom homes.   The design you see here is my first official design and I’m in the planning phrase to build.   We have purchased a lot to build and plan to start moving dirt MARCH 2019.   I have partnered with several major brands, vendors, and sub contractors  to cut way down.  I’ll have a lot of long nights and weekends doing a lot of the work myself, money saved, but there is still some cost.  Now I’m asking for your help. The goal is $50,000.   We can get her dried in and ready for “roughs.”  Join me in building a vision.  I’m creating a Facebook so you can follow the progress!  See you at the grand opening/house warming! 


Terverius Black

Birmingham, Alabama

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