Brady-Garcia: New Home- Down Payment

Hello family & friends!

Zack and I are so blessed to be surrounded by such a great support group made possible by YOU guys, our wonderful family and friends.

As you may know, Zack and I have been together a long time.... no seriously.... a loooong time. How long? Our wedding day will mark 8 years, 7 months, and 8 days exactly :-)

As you can imagine, during these 8 years we have accrued all of the pots, pans, mixers, kitchen gadgets, home linens, and furniture to furnish our cozy rental home. While there are some items that could use an upgrade (not a necessity but a nice-to-have) Zack and I are turning our focus towards a down-payment on a house. Over the last 8 years we have dreamed of having a space that we can call our own, a place where we can eventually raise a family.

We have set up a couple of traditional registries (Amazon, Target, The Container Store) with items we have had our eyes on for quite some time now.  This is perfect for those who prefer to give traditional gifts.
And here on our little FeatherTheNest page, we have set a monetary goal that we can use to put as a down payment on a new starter home for the both of us and our future family.

I realize that for some of our friends and family this request may seem a little odd but when you think about it there's really no better gift anyone can give us than a contribution to a home where we can raise our children together.
Please know that at the end of the day, our wedding is not about the gifts, the party or even the dress (gasp!) but it is truly about the time that we get to spend with our family, the vows we make to each other before God, and the fact that we can finally call each other "husband" and "wife". The simple presence, hugs, and smiles of our family and friends are all we really need on our wedding day but making the dream of owning our own little nest one step closer to reality would truly be amazing.

Thank you all for visiting our little nest page! I hope to see you all at our wedding in August :-)

All our love,

-Brenda & Zack


Brenda Garcia

Charlotte, North Carolina

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