New Life New Beginnings: Dream Home

     Hello feather nest community... My name is Brian Joseph and I come to you all humbly in a quest to secure a down payment for a new home. Not just any home but a dream home for me, my wife(Porsha Joseph), my son(Brian Jr.) niece and nephew (kamora & kayden). 2015 oh what a year it turned out to be. This past year our faith has really been tested but with growing patience, we remain grounded to our foundation which is our savior the lord Jesus Christ. We have experience everything from birth to death, but we are still here and striving for a better life and waiting on the many blessing to come. 

     Here is a brief detail summary of our past year.  Starting with the birth of our baby boy Brian Alexander Joseph Jr.  Born on October 25, 2014. Most would think this would be the most happiest experience in a husband and wife life. Yes, the birth of our son was a blessing but it was also the first test of our faith as newlyweds. Our child who's due date was originally planned for Jan was born at 27 weeks and was a premature baby. Man was this the most scariest moment in our life! My wife developed a condition called preeclampsia literally two days before we had to have our son. At this stage of her pregnancy she was literally fighting for her life. We were faced with the decision of either delivering the baby early or losing my wife. We both were scared and nervous out of our mines. I couldn't think of losing my baby boy and could not bare the fact that I may lose my wife as well.I  began to talk to God in those dark moments and I chose to walk with faith! Going through that whole experience taught me that I should  trust God's plan no matter what! I had to believe that the Lord would make it right and he did! My baby boy was born 2 pound 7 ounces, so small and fragile I was scared to hold him. He stayed in the hospital for exactly 48 days. At that point he was considered full term, having met all the requirements necessary to become a full term baby. We certainly had our share of scares while he was in the NICU for those 48 days. I've learned and been able to witness first hand that my son is a fighter, just like his parents! We were able to bring him home right before Christmas 2014. 

     Now let's fast forward a bit to April 2015. This month was suppose to be a happy and festive one for me and my love bug.  Because on April 18, 2015  we would be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. But this was ruined  shortly after my wife return to work from maternity leave. My wife who worked the last 10 years for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as a regional sales manager  was terminated due to what we believe to be a racially bias dismissal. Neither one of us could understand the decision made. She just recently received awards for the success of her region and in the blink of an eye she was terminated.  It has been a tough pill for us to swallow. I am the now the only one working.  We've had to make the decision to downsize by moving in with her parents. In addition, we both have things in life we would like to accomplish for our family like a new home but still we stay humble and our faith had increased even more at that point. 


      Now we're entering into the next month which is May 2015. This month almost broke us. We went from having a family outing after church the week before to my sister in law (my wife's sister)Jessica fighting and battling for her life. I remember the call like yesterday it was early Saturday morning May 2, 2015  when we got the call that my wife's little sister Jessica Saunders aka Ms Life Of The Party had lost the battle. The whole family was torn and hurt because of her sudden passing.  This test of faith was the hardest of them all. Trusting in God after all these blows my family has suffered. This being the hardest because my wife was completely mentally drained and heartbroken. She had taken all she could take and went into a complete shut down for a while. But through all that, my wife realize the positivity of the current situation and the blessing that God place on us, Jessica's children Kymora and Kaden. Even though we wish things were very different and that our little sister was here. We know we have to raise and protect these kids, and through faith we shall accomplish that task at hand!


      Now that you have an idea of what a trying year 2015 has been for my family and I, I come to this community, humbly asking for donations towards  a down payment, for a dream home! This would certainly bless my family! Our goal is to raise up to $100,000 usd for the down payment of a home l. I pray the lord moves you to bless us and continues to bless you! Thank you in faith the Joseph Family


Bj Joseph

Medford, New York

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