New roof fund

In 2014 we we're blessed with the cash to buy our dream home. We have three children, the youngest of them suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Lennox Gastaut Sundrome. His extensive medical needs require myself or my husband to stay at home with him all the time as well as skilled nursing to help manage his care. This hardship means we are a single income family. As such we were devistated when we learned our home not only needed a new roof but I will cost bearly $50,000.  The highest estimate we received was over $80,000. We have been led to believe by the previous homeowner and our inspector that the back half of the roof had been done the previous year. While this was technically true there are brand new shingles on the back half of the roof it began leaking a little over a year ago. Unfortunately it's leaking in quite a few places and at this point a vast majority of the plywood sheeting underneath needs to also be replaced. We have no savings and unfortunately our credit is not good enough to get a loan from anyone reputable.  


Misti Pyper

Lynnwood, Washington

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