No place like home

My family needs a home.  We have been living separately for the last 2 years and are hoping to be able to finally be home together.  We are a family of 7.  I had 3 children before I met my soul mate from whom I inherited 2 more.  To me they are all my babies though.  We have 3 sons and 2 daughters ranging from ages 4 to 17..

      I am living a fairytale of a romance.  I met my fiancée in nursing school our first day and we became instant best friends.  We sat together in class and sat in our special little bench to talk during lunch.  One day she was venting about some hardships she was facing and I offered a hug which ended up changing everything for us.  It started out like a normal hug but it got tighter and tighter.  We held on for a long while and when we let go and looked into each others eyes we knew we were in love.  

      Not long after, We were staying together in her parents house while we attended school.  Everything seemed wonderful and then our story followed true fairy tale style.  Her mother decided she wanted to separate us and forced me to leave the home.  I finished nursing school despite facing many obstacles.  The "wicked mother" has used the children as pawns in order to make it hard for us to see each other.  My fiancee lives a state away so it is very hard for us to spend time together. We have fought to keep our relationship strong and we are by all meaning.... unbreakable. I am afraid to give away more information because if her mother ever sees this it can be trouble for my queen.

      Our goal, our hope, our dream is to be able to buy a home big enough for our family in the early months of next year.  I am asking for help to make this dream a reality so we can end our fairytale with "and they lived happily ever after"  thank you all who took time to read this and anyone kind enough to help.


Jose Salcedo

New York, New York

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