Old Historic Home in Dying Community Needs Its Soul Mate, Me

I have always loved old historic homes having owned a few in my day. Divorce left me devastated financially and my credit is absolutely shot. I will never recover from what he did to me. I was forced in foreclosure, and left with high credit card debt all because of him. I couldn't even afford a divorce attorney so he walked with everything.  I also have my fur babies and I am looking for my forever home and I found it in NC. The problem is, I don't make enough to put money down with all of my bills from my "past life". I have looked into other options, HUD, FHA, and the USDA. My credit simply wont qualify. I fell in love with a old historic home in a place that few people live and the town is crumbling as well. This house offers all I have ever wanted. I can do whatever I can to make the payment as it won't be much but its the down paymeant, the structural work I can't afford. I simply don't have the money. The house is also in need of repair. I found it on an old house site. Everything about it calls me and I simply would like to have an old historic home that I can bring back to it's glory and give back to the community I am thinking of relocating to. I am a cook/care giver by trade and I did notice the town needs some like me to move there. It is in upper NC. This house was originally built in 1879? and was renovated at some point in its time but its due for some cosmetic and HVAC and even some structural work to replace a rotten wall. It is for sure a beauty and sits on 1 acre of land, plenty of room for my fur babies. I also would like to open it for the community for perhaps community meetings, events if the town council, if there is one would allow and thus let me give back. If you help crowd fund this beauty, I will give you a weekend free to come and stay and I will cook for you. Giving back to you for giving a middle aged woman her dream.


Beth Lawton

Rich Square, North Carolina

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