Old House, New Family

Our home is in dire need of repairs...unless you like really old homes with what I like to call "unique" characteristics.  For example...the showerheads that were cemented on so they can't be changed, even though they don't work right.  Or, how about that good old radiator baseboard heating...yeah, we love it, too.  What presents a "love challenge" for us is the fact that it doesn't work and fixing it isn't an option.  We've had three technicians out and none of them could fix it.  Fun, huh?  Add to that, two kids and now a new job with a major pay cut and you'll find yourself in our home of love, labor, and frugality.  We would just like to make it a home that doesn't require us to wear sweats indoors in the winter because we can't afford the heating bill that comes along with the original single pane windows.  To be able to take a normal shower would also be a major plus.  We had to borrow the money for the closing costs, which we worked hard to pay back.  Now, with two children, the expenses have grown.   We didn't think we wouldn't have the money to fix up our house when we bought it.  We had a plan.  But, life has a way of changing those for you fairly quickly.  We try to roll with the punches and be happy with all the love we have surrounding us.

We'd appreciate any help you're willing to offer.  It'll be put to good use fixing our home.  It may not be our dream house, but it's a good foundation and one that our family calls home.  Home ownership was a big dream of ours.  Both of us bounced around as kids between homes and we don't want that for our children.

Thanks so much for your consideration and taking time to read our story.

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