Once In a Lifetime
Dear Friends, Family and Universe,

An amazing opportunity has arrived! My neighbor of 40+ years has gifted us with this moment to purchase their loving home. An incredible gesture of kindness! This will allow our family to stretch, continue to cultivate ourselves deeper and be a greater impact in our neighborhood and community we love and hold close to our hearts!

For the past 16 years I have resided in the guest/tiny house that was built for my grandmother. Located on the property of my parents home, next door to our neighbors house. In this time I have helped raise my daughter and now live with my partner and our teenage son. (Any prayers or thoughts on that alone are appreciated! LOL)

Staying close to my parents is important as we are a tight community that support each other deeply.

Continuing the traction of service and community from my neighbors leadership, this property and home would provide the advantage of unleashing the unlimited potential of Mr. Nature’s Music Garden, providing Life Enrichment programming for all! Converting everything in the home to energy use that would compliment the earth we rest on. Our access to the desert will be an amazing opportunity for desert learning, growth and sustainable living.

We are asking for 20,000 feathers so we can spread our wings!

Thank you for arriving here.
Thank you for coming this far on this journey with us!
Either way this goes, we are excited and grateful!
The universe is speaking and we are listening!

With our deepest gratitude,

K , J and Anthony

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