Opportunity to Make 3.5% Interest on a 3 yr loan
Opportunity to Make 3.5% Interest on a 3 yr loan 


Thanks for taking your time to read my plea! :)

I have decided to turn to this newish avenue to see if it might actually work.

I really wonder about peoples' response.


If it is what it says it is, many will give small amounts that add up -- BUT I am offering a different avenue as well; I will offer an Opportunity to Make 3.5% Interest on a 3 yr Interest Only Loan for me to put the down payment on my Dream Home! Maybe 7 lenders + but most desirably all from one. That is unless the world really feels like being charitable.


I'm hope this source will get us into a bigger house in the country. Currently my husband and I live in a 2 bed 1 bath,  980 square foot home with two dogs, two cats, and two fish. As well as our newest addition of my brother in law, whom has been in a terrible car accident. He Spent two months in the hospital and is looking at about another years worth of surgeries and healing before he is ambulatory again.



We are also dragging along my Aunt in order to try and afford this dream home. She put off her retirement dreams in order to stay close to me after my Mom had passed. I think she deserves the chance for a little peace of heaven! Even though she would now have to put up with us 3 along the way ;) 


This is our dream home because it not only has more inside space but also much more outdoor space; we would be moving from a busy suburb to a farm house! Something new to all 4 of us. Another bathroom will be a godsend for sure!


The new home will also offer a space for me to start a childcare business most likely for special needs as they are my professional field. This brings me to the ability to pay back this loan with the interest of $7,350 Dollars In 3 years Time. Thanks for Taking Your Time to Consider our Unique Situation and Read My Plea! <3


Jamie Rudder

Downers Grove, Illinois

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